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Colin Bohler along with his wife Annette, became involved with Bull Terriers in 1976 and are the owners of Kingstonia Bull Terriers.   The kennel has bred, owned and been involved with 33 Champions, eight  Ormandy Vase winners, four Ormandy Jug winners, eight Stud Dogs of the Year and three Brood Bitch winners and a multitude of Best in Show All Breed Winners and Best Puppies in Show including KUSA National Puppy of the Year Winner and Best in Show at the prestigious Goldfields Kennel Club All Breeds Championship Show amongst many other accolades, all this despite breeding only 27 litters over a period of 41 years.   Ch. Bonaparte of the French Border of Kingstonia is the S.A. Stud Dog record holder with 19 Champions and Ch. Sandawana’s Tommy Hotspur of Kingstonia produced 16 Champions to their credit.


Before frozen semen was available In 1987 Garth Appel and I decided to send Ch. Riolema Rubygale of Beltone, to be mated to Int Ch. Polytelis Silver Convention (Simon) in Holland, for two reasons. One was that there was no quarantine restriction in Europe, (if she was sent to the UK she would have to spend six months in quarantine before she could be mated  and sent back to South Africa). The other reason was that Simon had a lot of virtues which dogs in the UK lacked at the time, and further proved to be a dominant sire to bitches being sent to him from all around the world, most of whom were out crosses, passing on his outstanding head and overall sound confirmation, so he was our natural choice.

She had eight puppies of which six were males and two were bitches.  Unfortunately, five of the males were stillborn. The only male to survive was an outstanding dog, Beltone Quo Vadis of Kingstonia who won a CC at the age of six and half months.

Unfortunately he turned out to be an unilateral cryptorchid, and therefore a great loss to the breed.

One of the two bitches was the outstanding Ch. Beltone Que Sera (Samantha).

 In 1988 Ch. Beltone Que Sera won the Ormandy Bitch Vase and Jug and Bitch of the Year awards. She was also the runner up Supreme Bull Terrier on a referee decision, which proved to be the wrong choice in the end (see Major Trophy Show results 1988).

In 1989 she once again played bridesmaid, winning the Ormandy Bitch Jug and Bitch of the Year awards. She produced   Ch. Beltone Tia Maria of Naletcea by Ch. Sunnyrock Nero of Kingstonia as well as four Champions in one litter of four by Ch. Dajan St. Nicholas of Sandawana (Imp UK), namely

Ch. Beltone Battleship of Kingstonia , Ch. Beltone Haley’s Magic of Kingstonia, Ch. Beltone Silver Shadow of Kingstonia and  Ch.Beltone Silver Shadow of Kingstonia  and Ch.  Beltone Captain Kariba.


During 1990 Ch. Beltone Riolema Rubygale of Beltone was sent back to Europe for the second time to be mated to Int. Ch. Explorer of Prince Advokat.  This mating produced an outstanding brindle and white bitch, Ch. Beltone Big Trouble of Kingstonia.   “Tina” later mated to her half- brother Ch.  Bonaparte of the French Border at Kingstonia  (Imp Germany) produced another outstanding white bitch Ch. Kingstonia  Here is Trouble of Beltone, a top winning bitch of her day.


Colin is also well known for a successful programme of importing frozen semen for artificial insemination. He imported top bloodlines from Europe that dramatically improved the breed in South Africa.


Another first for the  Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital and Kingstonia Colin Bohler,  Dr Annett Heise of the Section of Reproduction and Dr Fiona Hollinshead of Matamata Veterinary Services in New Zealand. Together, this team made history at the end of July 2013. Alexsis became the first bitch in OVAH to be artificially inseminated with frozen -thawed semen deposited in her uterus through the use of a transcervical endoscope. The Repoduction service of the Onderstepoort Vetinary Academic Hospital recently acquired a special endoscope designed to facilitate transcervical insemination of bitches.

With the help of international expert   Dr Fiona Hollinshead, all Reproduction staff got hands -on training in the use of the endoscope. The team again showed their mettle as everyone picked up the skills really quickly and was able to successful catheterize a bitch on their first attempt. Endoscopic transcervical insemination (TCI) holds many advantages over other established techniques of intrauterine insemination. It is a less invasive procedure, eliminates the need for anaesthesia, catheterization of the cervix is more repeatable and the expected pregnancy rates are the same as for other methods. This method of insemination of frozen-thawed semen in the bitch will now be offered routinely at OVAH.  As for Alexsis, she is bouncing around happily at home, with a couple of puppies safely awaiting their entry into the world!.     Insert photo


Colin and Annette were two of the founders of the Bull Terrier Care Association (welfare) and served as members and Chairman for many years.   During his tenure some 500 dogs were rehomed.   He also served on the Eastern Transvaal Bull Terrier Club and was Chairman of S.A.B.T.C.  Annual  Committee for eight years.


Colin is the author of  Bull Terriers of South Africa 1860 – 1999.   Colin is also an Honorary Life Member of the South African Bull Terrier Club and the Eastern Transvaal Bull Terrier Club.


His first appointment as Judge was in 1980 and qualified as a Terrier Judge in 1983 since then he has judged 75 times in various overseas countries such as Zimbabwe, Sweden, United Kingdom Germany, Czech Republic, Holland and Australia (six times) his most recent overseas assignment was judging at The Bull Terrier Club Major Trophy Show in the U.K. for the 3rd time and is the first South African ever to be invited to do so at this most prestigious event on the Bull Terrier calendar.


In 2013 I judged the Bull Terrier Club (UK) International Class with Joe Phillips  (Bullyon) and in 2013 judged the Ormandy Jug for Bitches with Bill Poole (Rocky Tops).  Was called upon as referee for a split decision on the Ormandy Jug Dog and chose Lambonby’s   Ch. Emred Devil’s Advocate who went onto win the Regent Trophy.

In 2017 Judged the Ormandy Jug Dog Class with Chuck Wannop ( Charisalee.